Today I am an 11 year cancer-free survivor!  No one has yet used the “cure”word, I am still in “long-term remission”.  The anniversary date for me is a personal one…I don’t think anyone else in my family remembers the exact date,so for me it’s a personal celebration. Funny how those of us with a cancer diagnose remember exact dates forever. I was diagnosed March 29,2001.  I had my cytoreduction surgery May 16, 2001.  I finished chemo January 22,2002. 

We all live with uncertainty after a cancer diagnosis.  Though I am 11 years cancer-free, I still live with some uncertainty.  I still don’ t take tomorrow for granted,which is both a good and bad thing. There is security in assuming a future, especially a long one.  We all wannt to believe we will live to be 90 and will die peacefuly in our sleep. But most of us after a cancer diagnosis can’t assume that. It’s just a dream.

But I’ve come a long way.  After my diagnosis I couldn’ t say the words “next year” for several years, as I didn’t feel I could take another year for granted. But now I’m in school, I have a three year committment to a degree.  I couldn’t have made that kind of a comittment a few years ago.  Progress after cancer, in a sense!  I’m sure we all measure progess differently.