I’ve been meaning to do this, but needed to learn how to use Google Drive!  I’m a college professor and have avoided it up until now, though I know it’s supposed to be a great thing, and maybe even supposed to help me keep from paying for Office?

I wanted to share the webinars another advocate, Jennifer Ranker shared with me.  Jennifer Ranker is also a cancer survivor (I believe colon cancer) treated by Dr. Sardi.  Those with colon cancer who have had the cancer spread into their abdomen can also be treated with cytoreduction surgery and HIPEC, the same treatment as for appendix cancer.  This treatment is also now being used for other cancers that spread into the abdomen, like ovarian cancer.  She also has a private Facebook support group, Peri-Met-Tropolis.  She has done Zoom webinars with Dr. Sardi as I was hoping to do, so Dr. Sardi put me in touch with her since I am now doing Zoom support groups.

I am attaching two of the webinars she has already done that she told me I could share with my constituents.   They are very good.  Since I want to do this also, she is talking about she and I working together to do another with both of us getting questions from patients.  We have both already started doing this.

Please send me any questions you have, and enjoy the webinars!  Would love to hear your feedback!  Dr. Gushchin is an excellent specialist also. Dr. Sardi said if he needed cytoreduction surgery, Dr. Gushchin would be his surgeon.   Please let me know if you have any problems.  I just learned how to retrieve and share from Google Drive :-).  These webinars offer excellent information!



Hope these are helpful to you!  And thank you to Jennifer!