I was recently very much honored by a columnist who wrote an article about myself and another volunteer in my community. I kind of thought it might be a filler article for the “Neighbors” section on a slow news day when I was interviewed. Maybe an article about several community volunteers, a tag line and photo for each of us.

But no, front page Easter Sunday. Wow.

You can read the column here: Ready to resurrect your life?

And the particular columnist is one I truly admire. He is a gifted journalist. That he singled us out was humbling. There are lots of other great people in the world to write about, it was very much an honor to be chosen.

I do volunteer a lot. I volunteered before I had cancer, but I volunteer more often now. Now doing something meaningful, something that makes a difference in this world is important to me. And I was the recipient of many acts of kindness not so long ago. I am glad I am here to pay it forward.

But giving and volunteering has a huge benefit. When you see a need and try to be compassionate towards that particular need, you meet compassionate people. You get a new view of the world. There really are people who care. A lot of them. You hear wonderful and inspiring stories that help you believe in people, believe in the good in our society, believe in the human spirit. It has a kind of snowball effect. I know it sounds cliche’, but you really do get more than you give.