On September 10th, Stand Up to Cancer will again host a multi-network television research fundraiser. Fun thing, I was able to meet in person one of the founders of Stand Up to Cancer in 2008. He is a brilliant cancer researcher and scientist I greatly admire and personally like a lot. He is truly dedicated to finding a cure for cancer and is very inspirational. He has passion that is contagious.

Stand Up to Cancer strives to raise funds for innovative cancer research.

Seventy percent of the funds collected go to fund cancer research “Dream Teams”, bringing the best research minds together to look for cancer cures. Dream Teams seek to bring some of the best scientists working together in looking for answers, combining their knowledge and resources vs. working independently in their own corners of the world.

Twenty percent of the funds raised are used to fund research that is “out of the box” and would not likely otherwise be funded by anyone.

Ten percent of the funds are used to maintain Stand Up to Cancer.

I kind of think the answer to cancer will be something “out of the box” in the end.

The telethon will air on E!, The Style Network, G4, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Bio, Discovery Health, HBO Latino, MLB Network, mun2, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, TV One and VH1 simultaneously at 8pm (7pm Central time) on September 10th.

I think just the three major networks aired it simultaneously last time. Maybe one day it will be on every TV channel simultaneously, the only thing to watch!

When the 2008 telethon aired, at one point so many donations rolled in at once that the software or whatever crashed for a bit, so some funds were lost. I don’t think they expected that big a response. I’m sure this time they will be prepared for it.

Cancer has affected ALL of our lives; even those who have never been diagnosed have had someone in their life struggling with or losing a battle with cancer. We all want to see cancer defeated. It’s a cause we can all be united for. Maybe Stand Up to Cancer will be the force that unites us and helps us work together to forever be rid of cancer?