I am in San Diego,my flight was one of the few that wasn’t canceled so I made it out of O’Hare at the time originally scheduled. I had time this afternoon to take a trolley tour of the city to see most of it and to learn more about it’s history. San Diego is beautiful; the architecture is beautiful, the landscaping is beautiful, and the weather is beautiful. There’s a lot to see and do, and there are many cultural and historical venues. It is truly a nice change after this winter in Chicago….we were cold from November on. Snow began early December and it’s even supposed to snow in Chicago this weekend…..we are pushing five months of cold and gloom. San Diego is truly a breath of fresh air in comparison. I’m guessing they don’t get seasonal affective disorder here!

The convention center where the American Association for Cancer Research’s Annual Meeting 2008 will be held is just a couple of blocks from my hotel. The convention center is huge, I think about 5 city blocks long. They told me to bring comfortable shoes, I’m understanding why now! I heard there will be over 20,000 scientists, researchers and doctors here from all over the world…..all people working to rid the world of cancer. I am very proud and honored to be in such company and to be in such a learning environment for the next 5 days. I know it will be an amazing experience and that I will learn a lot from some of the greatest minds involved in cancer research in the world. I registered for the event and got settled in this afternoon, the convention starts tomorrow.