I got a call today that said a warrant has been issued for my arrest.  That got me for a minute!

Turns out I am being arrested for a good cause :-).   The call was actually from the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Someone gave them my name as a prominent citizen (didn’t think I was?).  So I’ll be one of those people who are locked up trying to make bail to raise money for the MDA.  I’m being picked up at my house on Dec. 1st (a police car?) and transported to jail.  I’m told they will take my mug shot, and they promised to feed me while I’m locked up.

I agreed as in the past I took care of a boy with muscular dystrophy, I did private duty at his house.   He was a teenager and had been in a wheelchair since the age of 5.  When I took care of him he had lost the use of all of the muscles in his body except for his right thumb.  He was unable to breath in his own, so was on a ventilator.  But he was totally awake and conscious.  He was able to control his electric wheelchair with his working thumb.  His father also made a button he could press with that thumb that sent pressurized air over his vocal cords since he had a trach.  That allowed him to speak (his dad planned to patent the device, don’t know if he ever did).  He was totally dependent on others for his care.

So it is for a good cause!  My daughter doesn’t want me to do it….she’s afraid she’ll have to pay my bail if  one else does (she’s tight with her money)!

If anyone wants to donate to “bail me out”, you can donate here at my MDA website.  Be sure to click on the “news” video while you are there….it’s kind of fun!

Thanks in advance!