Just a quick update! My husband and I returned from our vacation this weekend, it was wonderful. The weather was cool for the most part, so I didn’t wear a lot of the shorts and tank tops I brought, but did wear a sweater and jacket several days (so glad I brought them!). The temps were in the low 60s for about 4 of the days and in the 80s for two. I did manage to get a bit of a tan, though!

It was still so nice to be away from 20 degree temps and to see green and flowers and NO SNOW!!! We were in the Bahamas for a day, and then in the Virgin Islands. We took a catamaran from St. Thomas to St. John and spent some time on a beach in St. John. We also visited St. Maarten, a very beautiful island. We went near a private island in the Virgin Islands that is for sale on Ebay for 12 million dollars! I was surprised that the Virgin Islands are mountainous…they are beautiful! I wanted to camp there, beautiful wooded mountains, some islands seemed uninhabited and just waiting for a backpacker like me! Fun coincidence, while there my backpacking buddy texted me to say it’s almost backpacking season and we need to start making plans!

We came back to still some snow on the ground, but it’s melting and temps are in the 40s and 50s. So hopefully spring will be here very soon!