I mentioned before that I had founded a non-profit organization. It is the Appendix Cancer Connection. It was a stretch for me to do that, totally out of my realm of experience and expertise. But I decided that was the right thing to do. I feel for those with breast cancer, but sometimes get jealous of all of the support they have, all of the funds raised to find a cure for their cancer. We with appendix cancer need a voice and support too!

I had to learn a lot to do that. I took a business course to learn about devolping a non-profit and writing business plans. I had to learn how to legally form a corporation (you have to be a corporation to apply for 501 (c)3 to be recognized as a public charity). I hired an attorney to help me with the Federal 501(c)3 application…which has been approved, our organization is now recognized as a charity by the Federal govenment! I needed a board of directors, and I recruited 5 people to be on the organization’s board. We have board meetings now complete with agendas and minutes. I am looking for a web site designer and recently went to a grant writing workshop. I now communicate with my Secretary of State. Yet another brave new world.

My goal is for all of us with appendix cancer to have a voice, to have support, to have information available, to increase public awareness of our struggle and to raise funds for research that will one day result in a cure for this cancer. The money required for founding this organization has been contributed by my late mother, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and husband and I. All people who believe in my mission.

I recently hired a company (The Logo Company)to design a logo for our non-profit. They will also do business cards and stationary for the organization at a very reasonable price. They have sent me logo designs to choose from, and I want you to be a part of choosing a logo…this organization is not mine, it is for all patients and family members struggling with this disease. It is OUR organization. A logo will haelp people recognize and remember us.

I am asking for your opinion on three of the logo designs. I have a favorite, but I want to know YOUR favorite. Please look at the 3 links to these designs and tell me which you like best. Email me your preference at carolyn@appendix-cancer.com. And thanks in advance for your help! We are in this together!

Logo designs: