I just returned from Baltimore.  Was a great trip.  I met several appendix cancer survivors, some of a year or less, others longer term survivors.

Sunday was the day of the walk, and I was SO inspired.  I don’t know the exact numbers yet, but I think 800-900 attended.  The walk was SO well done.  It’s a beautiful walk in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  The walk offered DJ assisted dancing before and after the walk, an exercise coach led before-walk warm up exercises, there was plenty of bottled water and snacks for the walkers, and an opening talk by Dr. Sardi . I was called to the stage by him and had handed a microphone. Had to do an impromptu short speech!  Caught me off-gaurd, but I was glad to do it!  I had a booth for the Appendix Cancer Connection, and the PMP Research Foundation and PMP Pals were represented at the walk also.

Here are some pictures!

 Registration before the walk….lots of people!

Pre-walk warm up exercises!

Dr. Armando Sardi welcomes the crowd.

The walk begins!

The walk continues!

Post walk dancing complete with DJ!!

                                                 B&W photo of me and Dr. Sardi!

The walk was terrific!  I hope you are able to come next year….like me, you will be inspired!