Virtual Support Group

Our virtual support group met online today and it was GREAT!   There were 6 of us there and we were international!  One from New Zealand and one from Hungary, the rest from the USA.  It was so good to be able to see and talk to everyone, even though it would have been nicer if we could have all met for lunch.  Never know, maybe someday!

We have decided to meet once a month.   It will continue to be Saturdays at 12 noon Central Time as that time worked even for the international attendees.

We are meeting on Zoom and I will send out invitations a week before the next meeting.  To request an invitation, click “Video Meetings” on the home page ( and sign up to receive invitations to the support group.  Would love to see you there!



Cure Magazine

Hi all!

For all who asked to be invited to the video meeting, our virtual support group, I sent out invitations.  We will meet this Saturday at noon!  It will be an international group, one from Hungary and one from New Zealand!   I sent the invitation to about 13 who requested it.  I’m looking forward to finally meeting some of you!   I’ll post later to give you an update on what transpires.  I think it will be a very good thing for all of us.

I got a Zoom account for the non-profit  as I am a professor who is teaching my classes on Zoom since the Covid crisis, so am very familiar with it.  What I like about my virtual classroom is we all keep our mute off and our video cameras on, so we can see each other and have conversations.  It’s the next best thing to being in class together!   I’ve even used Zoom for family meetings.  I am also a CASA (volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children) and I will be participating in court proceedings via Zoom or a similar program.   I’m doing my faculty meetings for work via Zoom.  I’ve always disliked being videotaped, but I’m getting used to it.  I have to remember now when I turn on my computer if I am going to be on camera!  The other day I opened my camera in a meeting and stopped….had I brushed my hair???  Brave new world….

Good news, Cure Magazine just did an article on appendix cancer!  It is a very good article.  I was interviewed and the non-profit was mentioned.  There is a picture of me in the article that is up to date.  I need to replace my Facebook photo with this one, I’ll instantly age on Facebook :-).

This is a link to the article (just updated the link!):


Hope you are doing well!


Arizona State University Study: Effects of Cancer Diagnosis on Sleep

If you are interested, Arizona State University asked me to invite you to participate in a study about a cancer diagnosis and its effect on sleep quality.  The link below is to a flyer about the study that will give you information on how to participate:

Arizona State University Sleep Study

This study is an 8-week intervention with a 4-week follow-up period. Interested participants complete an eligibility survey to see if they are eligible to participate. If they are, we have them review an online video providing an overview of the study, review an electronic informed consent, and then ask us any questions they might have before signing the consent and being randomly assigned to one of two different groups. Both groups participate in app-based activities for 8 weeks and then complete self-report symptom questionnaires at baseline, week 4, week 8, and week 12 (after a 4-week follow-up).