I’m doing a second post in a day, be cause I want to focus on one thing, ZOOM!  I’d mentioned maybe we could all get together “real time” on a Zoom video.  It would be kind of like Skype.

I am a professor and with the virus in our midst now, I am teaching online.  My classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom.  I create a Zoom link for my students and we all meet at 9AM.  We can all converse and see each other (if we have a built in Camcorder and microphone).  It’s okay if they come in a little bit late and leave a bit early.

It’s actually pretty great, and I feel like I can get to know my students.  I see them on the couch holding their dog, see their kids in the background (no one is in school now).   We can all drink coffee together!

I think, lacking support groups anywhere for this cancer, it would be great if we could all meet on Zoom every week or so?  Someone, Erica, left me a comment after my last post asking if we could do it May first…. but I just read her comment today.  She lives in Hungary. 

You know, we could have an international support group! I’d asked Erica if we could meet this Saturday at 4PM Central Time. If she says yes, or if any of you do, I’ll post a Zoom link for us. Anyone have a better date or time for a weekly meeting? Let me know!

You can email me at Carolyn@Appendix-cancer.com or leave a comment here. I’d really like to get to know you!