I’m doing something new and fun here! I was asked to participate in a blog book tour, a new concept for me, but one that was intriguing. I’ve read several books by cancer survivors, so it is a great honor to be able to support the author of a new publication, This Time’s a Charm: Lessons of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor, by Donald a Wilhelm. Donald survived cancer four times in a five year period. His book documents his amazing journey.

Over the next couple of weeks, several bloggers, including myself will post reviews, podcasts, interviews with the author etc. on a rotating schedule. “This Time’s a Charm” Cancer Blog Book Tour Schedule is as follows. The book tour begins today with an interview with the author at Fight Pink. Enjoy!

2/16/09 www.fightpink.org
2/17/09 www.cancerbookreview.blogspot.com
2/18/09 www.uniboobclub.blogspot.com
2/19/09 www.moutray.wordpress.com
2/20/09 www.makesomelemondae.com
2/21/09 www.awesomecancersurvivor.com
2/23/09 www.serendipityfactory.com
2/24/09 www.everythingchangesbook.com
2/25/09 www.cancercornerlive.blogspot.com
2/27/09 www.appendix-cancer.blogspot.com
2/28/09 www.discoverpetoskey.com
03/1/09 www.route53.wordpress.com