Hello Everyone!

We just finished our first Appendix Cancer Support Group via Zoom, and it went great! We could see and speak with others dealing with appendix cancer. This was the first support group meeting, and there were three of us (and our husbands!). One from Ohio and one from Hungary and myself, so it was an international support group!

We all decided we want to continue to meet, for now we decided we want to meet monthly. For the next meetings the preference was a weekday and not weekend. We’d thought about doing an evening meeting, but since we are international and Hungary is about 6 hours later than Central time, we decided to meet Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 11AM Central time. I will again post the invitation and link to the support group on my blog.

We will discuss at out next meeting if we want to have a regular date and time after we see how many attend and what time constraints are.

For now I will post invitations on my blog. If we continue to have regular meetings, my web designer will make the support group an addition to my website. My web site designer suggested maybe down the road, I send email invites instead of posting the invite on my blog in case we get someone who tries to “crash” the meetings, but I think that’s a wait and see thing. For now I will post the links to the group on my blog.

I would love to hear from anyone re: you feelings about the support group. You can leave a comment here or email me at Carolyn@appendix-cancer.org. I think it will be a great thing!!!

Take care and stay safe!