I am deeply grateful to CR Magazine, a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, for an article just released in their 2009 fall edition, Fairest of All, about Audrey Hepburn’s struggle with appendiceal cancer. Audrey Hepburn lost her battle with the disease in 1993.

The article honored Audrey Hepburn’s life, but also did so much to promote awareness of appendiceal cancer and the newer treatments available. I was honored to be interviewed for the article a few months ago; a bit of my story is included.

Appendiceal cancer is an orphan disease, many of us newly diagnosed learn for the first time that the disease even exists, that an appendix can become cancerous. Most physicians have seen few if any cases in their lifetime. Those of us who seek treatment from a specialist often have to travel great distances.

Our disease is rare, so receives little media attention and few research dollars. Just this week I was asked if there is an appendix cancer awareness month…to my knowledge there is not. But there should be.

The CR Magazine article is free, it is available on-line even without a subscription to the magazine. The article has also been posted on the American Association for Cancer Research’s home page “In the Spotlight”.

I hope the article is widely read. Again, I am very grateful to CR Magazine for drawing attention to our battle and for promoting awareness about our disease. They did us a great service.