I will be gone for the next week, we are leaving early Friday morning…away from winter, out of the country, in the Eastern Carribean. I will be enjoying sunshine and green and warm breezes with my husband of 22 years. It will be a kind of second honeymoon for us…the last time we took a trip with only the two of us was our honey-moon! There are some good things about being empty-nesters!

I am not a fan of winter, and by February I’ve had enough of snow and cold and gloom. In my perspective, the only good thing about winter is that it so makes me appreciate spring. Maybe I’d take for granted sunshine and warmth and growing things if I lived in a more temperate climate?

I was in San Diego for awhile one April. They have an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees. While I was there, the natives complained loudly about a day that was 50 degrees (SO cold!) and another day of 80 degrees (SO hot!). I live where the yearly temperature varies from below zero to 90 degrees, so couldn’t relate. I felt they were spoiled!

So for the next week I’ll be without internet access and cell phones. And though I love the ability the internet has allowed me to connect with other rare cancer patients, I will be glad to be away from electronic communication. I’ve read, and I agree with, the statement that while we are more connected (electronically) than ever before, we are also lonelier than ever before. Since the electronic age, I’ve come to truly value real time communication, complete with body language and vocal intonation. I tried Facebook, but it wasn’t for me. I in the end deactivated my account. I guess it’s just not my way of relating to people.

So I will be enjoying “real” time with my husband over the next week, and am sure I will have lots of emails to answer when I get back…and I will!

BTW, I’ve learned some of my email replies go to folk’s “junk” mail folder…so be sure to check your “junk” mail…I also have several legit emails that end up in my junk mail, so always check it. Not sure how that works in this electronic age….