Hi Everyone!

Something new and wonderful! For those of you who would like to meet me and discuss the challenges and rewards of being diagnosed with this cancer, I am hosting a first time support group via an online Zoom meeting. Zoom is a lot like Facetime or Skype. I will post a link here, and at the time of the meeting (10:00AM this Saturday) you just need to click the link I am posting. It will ask you to open Zoom and when you click that link, the Zoom software will open and if you have a camcorder on your computer we will be able to see each other and if you have a microphone we will be able to talk to each other. Chat is also available on Zoom meetings.

I will post an invitation with the link here, hopefully by tonight. I talked to my web designer yesterday, and if this is something we want to do, it will be made part of my website, and in the end I will send invitations to those who want to participate via email. Doing the invites down the road will help keep anyone from “crashing” the support group, I get a lot of spam email and spam blog comments now.

Check back later for the link to our group, and looking forward to “meeting” you! Just got to thinking, the pic of myself posted on this site is pretty old, it’s from when I first founded this organization! I am older and heavier now, I need to update that photo with an honest one!

Hope to meet you soon, and hope to make this a permanent and ongoing group, we all need it!