Enough about me…I want you to read Daniel’s Story, he sent it to me just today and I wanted to post it right away, so it is already posted in the “Survivor Story” section of my web site and blog. Daniel was diagnosed with extensive disease at Stage IV and was initially told he had 12-18 months to live. He is an almost 10 year survivor now. I loved his “Ham Causes Cancer”. In my house “Egg Nog Causes Cancer”! I had my first cancer symptoms after drinking egg nog I assumed was bad, to date my kids no longer drink egg nog as they associate it with cancer. Ham was the beginning of his journey, egg nog the beginning of mine. Fun trivia!

I would like to thank Daniel for giving hope to so many, he, and the other survivors in my “Survivor” section are my heroes. I am so grateful to those who are willing to share their stories.

It was interesting to me that both of my recent survivors have talked about the fact that we never really feel “safe” again after a cancer diagnosis, I am the same even at 8 years cancer-free. We forever after live with a sense of uncertainty…goes with the territory.

While it is a difficult way to live, it does have some benefits. I know I now prioritize better; lots of “before cancer” things don’t make the cut in my world now, I live much more purposefully, I think. And that’s a good thing!