I recently read a book on my new Kindle (didn’t think I’d want to read books in an electronic format, but fell in love!),  Loose Screws and Skinned Knees – Turning Life’s Obstacles and Adversity Into Opportunities and Adventure.  

The book was very inspiring.  It was written by Care Tuk, an 11-time cancer survivor.   While she didn’t have appendix cancer, she had several other cancers, including ovarian, which is similar to ours.  This is the discription of her book posted on Amazon.com:

Obstacles and adversity are common to us all. But turning challenges into opportunities and difficulties into adventures is the hallmark of a powerful, fruitful, joyful life.
Like many, you probably won’t believe the story of Care Tuk. Eleven separate bouts with cancer. Eleven separate victories. A near-death car crash at the hands of a drunk driver. A brain bleed that left her speechless and nearly immobile.  Ravaged by the painful side effects of DES (Diethylstilbestrol) – an experimental drug intended to save her life – her body is held together by bolts, screws, titanium plates, and 25-pound mono-filament fishing line. You can’t find a more dramatic, heart-wrenching, raw, honest, and inspiring story than that of Care.  It is a story of hope, a message of strength, and a tale of one amazing lady who overcame the odds and found significance and meaning in it all.”
We all struggle with uncertainty after a cancer diagnosis, but can you imagine facing that many cancer diagnoses and still managing to live a full and productive life!? 
She also has a blog you can follow:   Care’s Corner