When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was not given much hope.  I was at one point told I was terminally ill, that I would not live.  Even once I found treatment, I read about the odds of survival for signet ring cancer, none of the statistics were encouraging.  I read that even with treatment, my cancer was 80% likely to recur within the first three years, so I did think a lot about dying and tried to prepare myself for that.  One of the people who helped me most in my cancer journey was a friend who listened to me talk and cry about how I felt about dying, what I would leave and what I would leave undone.  She didn’t tell me that I would be fine or that I should think positive, she just listened and understood.  She also knew I might die.

When I contemplated dying I read MANY books (I’m a reader) about people who had had near death experiences.  I read many books about the afterlife.  I am truly convinced there is a heaven and that’s where I will go.  And I don’t think I will be sitting on a cloud playing a harp.  I believe I will have a real body like I have now, but one with no illnesses, one that is strong and healthy and young.  I believe I will be able to eat great food!  There are so many references to heavenly feasts in the Bible, and when Christ was resurrected and came back, he ate food with his disciples in his new body, we will too.  I believe I will be busy with things I love to do and will never be bored!  I look forward to heaven.

I could give you a big list of books I’ve read, but one of my favorites was “In Light of Eternity”.

I recommended that book to a friend who lost her young daughter, she said it really helped her.

Think of reading some books like these (or audiobooks if you don’t read!).  I think they will help you.   Even if we don’t die of our cancer, we still will someday, and it feels good to be prepared!