Very cool thing, my daughter bought a star in my honor on the Stand Up For Cancer (SU2C) Constellation! I really wanted to be part of the constellation, but thought it would be wrong to buy a star for myself since stars are “in honor of” someone. I did start a Facebook page so I can be part of SU2C Stand, though.

I’ve donated money to Stand up for Cancer. I hope to donate more. I would love to honor every appendix cancer patient I’ve communicated with by buying him or her a star, but since I am a health care professional I am afraid of violating HIPPA regulations by identifying appendix cancer patients publicly in the constellation with out their permission. But I still hope to donate in honor of the people I know fighting this disease.

I am so excited about the potential Stand Up To Cancer has to make a difference. All of the money raised will go to fund research. Research has the potential to make cancer a disease like polio or small pox, the plague of a past generation. I so want people to only remember the past devastation of cancer, not to experience it in their own lives or the lives of those they love.

I want so much to see the end of cancer. This video from SU2C states much of what I’ve learned and have come to believe…..we can be a part of the generation that sees an end to cancer. Just like the 1960s had their grass roots movements, we can be the part of our own generation’s grass roots movement. We can all be a part of the beginning of the end of cancer. We can make ourselves count in a way that matters and that will always be remembered. We can be a part of something really great.

I want to see a huge movement rally around Stand Up To Cancer. I want us all to know that we’ve made a difference that will outlive us for decades, for generations. I truly believe the stars ARE aligned. I truly believe cancer CAN be conquered. I believe that each one of us are part of the key. I believe we do stand on the precipice of greatness in conquering cancer. I do believe there IS a “perfect storm’ brewing. I have met some of the people behind this movement. I know they are passionate about seeing cancer defeated, they want that to be their life’s legacy.

More information about SU2C can be found on this link: Learn About SU2C

Please watch the video and believe with me. Please join the movement in any way you can. I believe with all my heart that we can make a difference. We can be part of the end of cancer.