I’m really not great at fundraising…I need to get over that as I have a non-profit now that I need to learn to raise funds for. Most of my life I have volunteered my time…working soup kitchens, delivering meals to the homebound and handicapped, providing musical entertainment to the lonely. When I get calls asking me to donate money, I always say “I donate my time but not my money, do you need my time?”. Those calls usually end quickly.

But anyway, I went ahead and created a donation page under the name of my non-profit to raise funds for the Heat if To Beat It walk I will attend in Maryland in September. It’s a walk to help raise awareness and research funds for our cancers. I never checked the page as I expected no response, but figured I would donate to my own Heat It to Beat it site (at least $100 as those who raise $100 get a T-shirt to commemorate the event. I’d like the T-shirt since I’ll be traveling out there from Chicago and am kind of sentimental about the event. I really want the T-Shirt!).

For the heck of it I checked my “Heat it to Beat it” site, and Oh My Gosh!!, I have two donations totalling $250!!!! I was blown away!!! And those who donated left comments that made me feel SO good! “Thanks for all of your work on the website. It has helped my family greatly.” and “2 year survivor signet ring appendix cancer. Go Carolyn!”. Thank you so much Ginger and Emery!! I hope you read my blog so you know how grateful I am! I never expected anyone to donate to that site.

I’m working 40 hours this week, but in the nursing world, if your relief doesn’t show up for the next shift, you are “mandated”, you have to stay another shift or risk losing your license and job for “patient abandonment” if you go home when you were supposed to. All bets are on that I will be “mandated” this weekend, as the nurse following my Saturday shift calls off more than she shows up for work. So I’ve decided if I am mandated for that extra shift, I will donate the money I earn on that shift to my “Heat it to Beat It” page.

Maybe I’ll donate a shift even if I don’t get mandated, because now I’m inspired!

Thanks again!