Hi everyone!

Just to let you know, I do have a Facebook account associated with this organization.  I’ve actually had it for several years,but as I don’t use Facebook personally, I’ve not used it much for the organization.  Don’t laugh, it had been so long since I used it, I forgot the user name and password…tried every email address and password I’d ever used, but could not access my administrator rights.  Have you ever tried to communicate with Facebook the company?   It’s about impossible.   I’d wanted to delete the old page and start a new one I could use for this organization, but I couldn’t delete it either (didn’t have admin access).  In the end my web site designer actually got ahold of real people from Facebook, and after I sent them a copy of my passport and all of the Articles of Incorporation and Business Entity reports showing myself as president, Facebook granted me admin rights to the page!!  So we are back on Facebook!

I would like to be able to communicate with you.  I added a forum to this web site, but that never went over.  But almost everyone I know uses Facebook to communicate with the world!!  So I am going to start using Facebook also to communicate with all of you.   The link is:

I started the virtual support group, which I really love because I can see and talk to you, but do you think we should also have a Facebook support group?  We’d be able to answer each others questions and to share what we have learned on our journeys at our convenience.  Maybe then the Facebook support group could meet virtually once a month or so?  Let me know!  I really would like feedback from you.   You can email me at carolyn@appendix-cancer.org or text me at 219-776-9913.

One more thing, I was recently interviewed by Cure Magazine for an article they did about appendix cancer.  Will post a link to the article when they send it to me!