I lucked out on my flight to the meeting but had some trouble getting back last night. The “windy city” was living up to it’s name, so flights into O’Hare were delayed. The late flight made me miss my 7PM shuttle bus to Indiana, and I wasn’t able to catch another bus until after 11PM, so I got home about 1:30AM unstead of 9PM. But it all worked out!

I know many of you are anxious to know what I learned at the AACR meeting. I attended many, many hours of presentations and was exposed to many new ideas and concepts. I want to go through all of my notes and organize my thoughts before I present what I learned here, though. I’m working the next few days so won’t have a chance right away, but as soon as I get time to compile the information I will post it here.

In the meantime, another appendix cancer patient encouraged me to watch this video forum offered on PBS, it was great and I want to share the link here: Take One Step: A Conversation About Cancer with Linda Ellerbee . It would also be an excellent presentation for friends and family members of those diagnosed with cancer to watch.

I also received this from MSKCC today, information about emotional and social support needs of cancer patients with a video clip from Dr. Jimmie Holland: Quality Cancer Care Must Address Emotional Needs